Friday, March 14, 2008

cereal pictures

here's the pictures from his first cereal feeding.
we start the oatmeal tonight!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

love of my life

here are some current pictures of teege!
i'm getting to the first cereal pictures.
but i couldn't get them all on one post.


Monday, March 10, 2008

baby cereal - parts 2 and 3

well, the next night went GREAT!
i decided to share this time and let daddy join in the fun.
of course i hovered - hoping he would get bored and hand the spoon over to me!!! - but he didn't.
teege ate 2 batches again, we fixed him some more - the dr said give him as much as he wants - and he ate about 3 spoons of that and then started spitting the rest out. so we wasted a little, no big deal, the stuff is as cheap as dirt. i was going to make all my own baby food, until i saw how cheap it is!!! yeah, i'm thinking SCREW THAT! until he starts eating alot more i will stick to buying it.

part 3 - yeah, this one was a huge flop!

we had been at my mom's for my sisters b-day;

happy birthday sis!!!

so he was tired anyway. i thought about not giving him his cereal b/c he had been spitting up alot and acting like his tummy was upset. but i though to myself "lets get his tummy full and maybe he'll go to bed early."
not a chance.
he did great at first; he likes to try and suck the food off the spoon. the book said this is a great idea when you are introducing cereal, allow them to use their sucking skills at first, just til they are used to the flavor and texture. but when i actually tried to feed him myself he cried.
he wasn't spitting it out and turning his head, he was just making his "i am starving!!" cries at me and acting like "what the HELL do you think you're doing!!". so i gave him a few sucks from a bottle of breastmilk.something else the book said was to give them a bit of a bottle first, fedd them cereal, finish it off with more milk, it helps them associate the cereal part with eating, that way they understand. but when i took the bottle away and gave him another spoon of food he totally melted down!! i think he though he was getting some more from the bottle and was totally distraught when he felt the spoon.
then he spit up all of the cereal he had dmanaged to keep in his mouth and swallow. then he cried some more so i decided not to force the issue, i just gave him the rest of the bottle, then i gave him a bath and got him all snuggled in his jammies, finished nursing him, and put him to BED!

or so i thought.
his tummy was really upset all weekend.
i shouldn't have introduced cereal at the same time as his 2nd set of imunizations. he was already not feeling good, i didn't think he'd really notice. the last set of shots he was fine, but this time he was extra cranky. and then the food made his reflux worse so he seemed to get a dbl whamy!

he was up til 10. of course the time change has us all screwed up!! so it was really only 9 to him but it felt way later to me!!
but the cereal most definately has his reflux acting up. it was under good control. i was hoping the cereal would have an even better effect on his reflux, but it seems to be worse than it's ever been! he's back to spitting up a TON, and being very fussy and crying when he burps. you can hear a lot of gurggling again in his tummy/chest area. but i'm going to keep trying. i'm just making an extra effort not to overfeed him and i think tonight we'll just have a very small bowl of cereal.
and i'm also making an extra effort to be super observant when he gets his medicine so that he does get it on an empty stomach like he's supposed to. hopefully that will help.

i don't think it's that he doesn't want it. i think it's that he doens't quite understand how to do it yet. the dr said if he cries and turns his head away from you, wait another week and try again. and there's been none of that.not the first 2 times anyway, and last night he was just really tired.
the dr said to give him his cereal at 6 in the evening. i don't think i'll wait quite that late though, i think around 5 is a good time. he tends to be more fussy the later it gets in the day.
at 5 months i am supposed to move the cereal to the morning and start a veggie at dinner. i would rather give him his cereal in the morning now, but i know it's so he sleeps longer at night that she has me giving it then.

hopefully tonight goes better!!!
if not i will be putting it off for a week or so.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

baby cereal - part 1


i was planning on waiting til 6 months, so that TJ would get as much breastmilk as possible, but i had noticed him seeming to be hungry all the time so i though "waht they heck? we can try it since the dr. said it was a good time to start. he'll tell us if he doesn't want it." HE ATE 2 BOWLS!!! of course 2 bowls isn't much. i mixed a tbsp of cereal with 2 tbsp of milk..... he was just getting the hang of eating it when it was gone. the dr said if he seemed to like it to give him as much as he wanted. so i mixed up another batch, and he ate all that. AND he took a 6 oz bottle to wash it down!!! this was at 5 30. i nursed him some before bed like always, he was in his bed and asleep by 8 15.

and then he slept straight thru the night!!!

he usually sleeps form 8 to 5 30. his dr said that was still a little early for him to be waking up. i didn't know how to break him of it though. i'd give him a good 30 minutes before i'd go in and feed him. he wans't going back to sleep so i had to do something so i could go back to sleep! so maybe the cereal will help him stay asleep at night. i heard him at 5 30 this morning but he never really woke up, he just stirred around some. i woke up at 7 30 and went and peeked at him. he was sucking away peacefully on his thumb.....i didn't have to get him up til a little after 8, and then i only went and got him up b/c i knew he was mostly awake, he was in there talking to himself off and on, and it had been 13 hours since he ate last.

he was so cute last night. he made some funny faces when he was eating! and he talked thru the whole thing!! he made this motor boat noise alot. he would mash his lips together and try and blow air thru them and make this little "bbbbbvvvvvv" noise. he sounded like a little boat taking off!or he'd do it real fast "bbvvv" bbbbvvv" bbvvvvv" making short and long sounds, he's so smart! of course he sprayed cereal everywhere more than once!! it was fun!!

i can't wait for dinner tonight!!

oh, and she said if he does' good on the cereal and doens't act too gassy or uncomfortable we can reduce his medicine to night time only in aout 2 weeks, and then in 2 more weeks if he still seem comfortable we can stop his medicine all together.

YAY!! hopefully his cereal helps his reflux rather than makes it worse!
i think that's the way it's supposed to go actually..... i don't know, i'll have to read about that part again.....