Saturday, July 26, 2008

today is the day

that TJ comes home!
i was thrilled to pieces last night, and today i am nervous. (this is how it always goes when he comes back. wondering how things are going to be once he's back, it's the whole transition back in to the civilian world. some of them don't always adjust so great.)
i have cleaned the house spotless!
as i was putting the finishing touches on the kitchen last night i suddenly stopped dead in my tracks and thought "what am i doing?!!! i always clean the house from top to bottom when he's coming home from some long escapade somewhere and the same thing always happens: he comes in, MIGHT notice how neat and tidy everything is and then scatters all of his gear and unpacks all his bags and takes days to get it put away. not to mention all the dirt and gook that comes with him from being in the field."

i almost wish i hadn't worked so hard. but i would have done it anyway b/c it helps me not go crazy. at least i get time to enjoy it.

his plane comes in late this evening. which means i still have, what, almost 11 hrs to get thru?
it's a total killer when i have to get thru a whole day before i can go pick him up!
and i have to find time at some point to get ready to go get him. you know, get all beautified from head to toe so that my apperance practically shouts at him "see what you've been missing?" the problem with that is i'm going to have to figure out how to work that around baby's naps. i can't shower now b/c come 8 ocklock tonight all the fresh will have worn off. so at some point i may baracade him in his playpen outside the bathroom door with some toys,unless i can get him down for an extra nap.

oh, and his flight comes in at nearly 2hrs past bedtime. i wanted to pull my hair out when i heard this!! no it's not that big of a deal. this should actually be an eye opener for me. to see how well little tj does up and out of the house way past his bedtime. i'm hoping he'll take a late nap just to take the edge off. more for me than him. but chances are, knowing that's what i want him to do. he probably won't nap at all today.
oh and another thing! he wants me to be waiting INSIDE the airport for him when he makes his big apperance! which i understand. he doesn't want to have to wait to see us. i was kind of hoping to pick him up at curbside or something. but he wants me to park in the parking garage and go in. and then he said after we get his bags one of us can go get the car. well i've got news for you buddy. YOU will be going to get the car! it's dark in there! i'm not going alone. i will stay with the bags. he has too many bags for us to carry, even if i didn't take the baby. he has his carry on which was a backpack and 3 of those big rucks. you know, the giant green ones that weigh like 80 lbs each once they stuff them full of their gear? when he came back off last deployment he only had 2 and i had to park way out in overflow parking and we had to stop like 3 times to rest. so if he wants me to park in the garage that's fine. but i seriously doubt TJ will stay with him willingly if i disappear and like i said, it will be dark in the parking garage and so i think that he'll just have to go get the car.

anyway, i am glad he's coming home. i'm sure some of that doesn't sound like it. but i am!

i suppose i will give little TJ his bath and take him to the airport in pj's so that, God willing, if he falls asleep in the car on the way home i can just unload him straight to his crib instead of have to mess with changing his clothes. dang it! he'll probably need a new diaper anyway! oh well, so much for that idea!

anyway, so if you don't see me around it's just b/c tj will finally be home and we will be learning the ropes of being a family again.
he wants to go look at houses and see what kind of financing we can get one day this coming week. hopefully that doesn't turn out to be a complete disaster. i'm hoping houses are selling better than everyone says they are.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

stewing session

now that i am pretty much over the drama of today - which i'm sure i imagined up all on my own - i must tell you what they did.
my blogging rule book is out the window today i tell ya! OUT! i have things to say about certain family members unrelated to me by anything other than marriage and i am going to say them!

i called little sis in law today -the one who's graduation i did not attend for various reasons, one of them being that she called and acted all snotty about me NOT going, when i hadn't even said yes or no on the matter.why couldn't she have been all nice and understanding about the situation rather than act all bratty and like she was prepared to hate me forever if i didn't attend? - yesterday was her birthday. i called and chatted to her about how her day was and what she did. and asked her about school - she started college this month already.
I also asked her what she was going to do today and she said "i'm going to austin with mom to drop the kids off" i guess they had kept the other 2 grand kids this weekend and were bringing them back. before i could get another word out like "were ya'll gunna come by here?" she says to me "i have to go get in the shower. can i call you back? mom's on her way to pick me up."
"yeah, i'll be around all day."
we hung up and i went about my daily tasks keeping an ear out for the phone.
she never called.
i can't hold this against here b/c she is still a teenager. i cut her some slack b/c now i am the boring mother of the son of her brother. she used to think i was cool. she used to call me for advice and tell me all her secrets,til i didn't attend her graduation. i have called her 3 time since TJ has been gone and each time she has chatted for a minute and then rushed off the phone with a quick excuse and a promise to call me back. she never does. i blame most of this on her not being "all grown up" yet.

i was kind of holding out.
to see if they would come by and see us.
i didn't expect it so much.
or maybe i did.
they were in town after all. dropping the other grand kids off with their mother about 30 minutes down the road from me, give or take.
they never called. or showed.
why do i even care?
i guess i care b/c EVERY TIME TJ is gone i disappear. i turn into some kind of non existent vapor to his side of the family. it's almost as if TJ is the glue that sticks me to the rest of the family. and when he is gone, so am i.
i have called my mother in law 4 times since he's been gone. 4 times in 8 weeks. i left 3 messages. she never returned any of them. i did get a hold of her the last time i attempted to make contact and we talked for a bit.
she has not called me once to ask about "little" or "big" TJ. at all. the entire 2 months he's been gone.

his dad hasn't been a whole lot better. but i can say when i did call he would call me back within 24 hrs. with one exception, and it turned out that TJ's grama was in the hospital -not for anything to terribly serious - but still,no one called me to let me know that she was there.

the bottom line: they don't pay attention to me. at all. when he's gone. i don't matter.
especially to his mother.
when she calls the house (when he is here) if i answer she asks the routine "how are you? how's the baby?" and then asks me to put her son on the phone. end of story. if he answers she'll ask about me and the baby and he will say "you know mom you could ask her that yourself." but she never wants to talk to me.

his dad is very busy. and we get along better. so maybe that's why i cut him more slack.

please don't think i am petty.
it's the principal of the matter!

i would have flipped my lid had my mil showen up today unannounced. i hate it when folks come over without calling first. so today, no, i would not have been happy either way.

normally i am throwing a fit about mil bulldozing our plans with plans of her own. she's always trying to intrude or get us to change our plans b/c this day is convenient for her to see us and she just can't wait.she has been known to drive all the way in and then call when she's about 20 minutes away and ask to come over. my FIL, well, they just drop in unannounced,but not often.
it's like they all live in their own little world and if they get to see us great! but they aren't going to go the extra mile to keep in touch. they seem to think it's our responsibility.

it will be over my cold,lifeless body if ANY of them get near us when TJ is home that first week.
he is mine. i am not sharing. i will not share. i refuse. if you don't like it you should have thought about that before you ignored me. you didn't want to see me or talk to me or know how i or your grandson was doing while he was gone for 8 weeks, you can handle another week or 2 without him.
it's not like we talk on a daily or even weekly basis as it is. but i expect more out of them when i am here alone. (not that i can't handle it by any means. i kind of feel like a warrior myself when he is away. but a friendly "hi! how are you doing? are you staying busy?" would be nice.)

if they want to act this way i will gracefully fade in to the background unnoticed, and then one day they will notice that we don't do anything on their terms and only go and see them when it is convenient for us(which is how it's fixing to be anyway b/c i can't handle being pushed around much more) and they will think "hey. what ever happened to that sweet daughter in law i used to have?" and it will be too late. i do not maintain one sided relationships. i have enough to deal with on my own where my husband and son are concerned without worrying about why none of them wants to keep in touch with me when their precious son is away.

it's not like i do anything while he is gone anyway. nope not me. i sit on my ass all day and eat bonbons and watch the soaps. i am Jamie -single girl-mommy to no one-do as i please.
i am not a maid or a cook or a mommy or a daddy or a nanny or a nurse or a landscaper or dog walker or mailman or auto mechanic or ............the list goes on

(you did catch the sarcasm in that i hope? i am all of those. and more. if i had a cape to wear i'd have some funny name like "the marvelous mommy maid" or something.)

ah but enough griping.
i just had to get it all out there so that if TJ calls tonight i won't bombard him with tacky words about his family. i love them. i do. and all of their irritating ways. this just happens every time he is gone.

why would i have expected anything more? i will certainly remember to expect much less from now on.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


it is one of those days. yes. one of those.

i went to bed at 11 3o last night. that's kind of late for me, though not much later than it has been regularly for the last 7 weeks. i want to pinch my husbands head off sometimes for going off and leaving me. i NEVER sleep when he is gone. hardly ever! And what sleep i do get is not solid or deep. it's that half -awake- waiting- for- someone- to- break -in to -the -house kind of sleep.
oh how tired i am! even if i plan on going to sleep at a decent hr it does not happen. some of this has to do with the fact that when his day ends and he calls it's 10 pm here and 9 pm there and by the time we are all done talking and i have locked up everything and checked on little TJ for the last time and gotten the animals all settled and i'm finally crawling in to bed it is 11 or later. i will not get a good nights sleep until he comes. i am sure of it.
which is only another week by the way. he will be home 1 week from today. finally.
i almost feel like i can breath.

and then i remember what him coming home is going to do to us and i feel completely irritated and overwhelmed and like i will just pull my hair out.
we have to get the house ready to sell.
we have to have a garage sale in that process b/c we have WAY TO MUCH JUNK!
i have to pull stuff off the shelves and the walls and pack it all up and find a place for it so when the house goes on the market it looks l"ived in-but only barely so".
and it has to be cleaned. spick and span and spotless!
and KEPT that way.
which means we either have to park in the drive way so we can store stuff in our garage(which isn't a problem -until the first bad hail storm comes along. then what? our cars just get all bashed to hell?) or get a storage building. (which isn't a bad idea i don't guess. it's just ANOTHER thing to pay for)
and we have to find a place in new braunfels, but that's pointless until this house sells.which could take for -ever!
AND my dad pointed out that before we do anything with this place we need to see what kind of financing we qualify for b/c the bad housing market isn't just affecting sellers, it's taking it's toll on buyers too. i did not realize this. i don't want to end up homeless b/c this house sells and we can't get a 2nd home b/c the financing is crap.

TJ took a terribly short nap this morning and is showing no signs of going back to sleep any time soon. he's in his crib chatting away to himself and all of a sudden he will burst into a crying fit. just out of the blue. and then go back to singing away in there.
heaven help me i may just pull my hair out anyway!

OH! and to sum it all up:
get this!
this is a tradgedy!
my twilight book (you remeber edward and bella don't you?) fell apart!
it's the only one i have in paper back. i started rereading them again b/c book 4 is coming out in august. i've been laying out a lot this summer and took it outside with me earlier in the week where i imagine the sun was too hot and melted the glue or something and like the first 2 chapters fell out. i'm going to have to find a paper clip or a clothes pin so i don't loose any of the pages!

on the flip side:
my "turbojam" came this week finally.
the jump start program promises that you will loose up to 10 lbs and 10 inches in 10 days so long as you follow the meal plan and do a workout everyday. well i've been doind this program since tuesday and have only lost about an inch in my waist ,i didn't check anywhere else. BUT i have lost about 5 lbs since july 4th -just by drinking water and not eating any extra sugar. it was nice to see that my starting weight for the turbojam was less than i expected.
this program is a BLAST!! she like took a way to make exercist fun. i've always kind of enjoyed working out anyway, but wasn't motivated with many of my other workout dvds that i have.
one of the women who gave her "success story" on the infomercial did say "turbojam is like a party in your living room" and she was right.
i've had fun. it's a get loose dance around kickbox kind of workout! i love it. it was well worth the money!

so in order to be at my pre pregnancy weight i still need to loose 15 lbs. which is not bad.
it was 20. so this seems much more doable!

Monday, July 14, 2008

this just in

now that you have all seen the video of baby tj and the duck,
i decided to take it down.
just to avoid unwanted traffic thru my blogg.
glad ya'll got to see how silly my child can be when given the chance!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


if i can find the funny food face video i'll put it up for you.
i'm not having any luck so far. i don't know where it went! i'll keep looking!


more video

so this video uploading thing is finally working on here. it's not so bad....

this is aunti and teege playing with an empty dr pepper bottle. oh what fun every day items can be. forget about buying them a new toy from time to time. a wooden spoon. a bowl. measuring cups and spoons, yes even plastic beverage bottles make great new toys.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

baby tj all grown up


it's 9 20 in the pm on saturday.
there is NOTHING on TV
i guess i could take a bath and go to bed but that seems to be all i do!
i don't want to go to bed early!
i want to call and talk to someone but everyone i know is either wrestling their kids in to bed, already in bed, or doesn't like to be bother this late.
how pathetic am i?
bored bored bored bored bored!
i'm blogging about being bored.
there is a load of sheet to be folded, or some other array of house cleaning duties that can be tended to.

i have 2 weeks til TJ comes home.2 weeks from today. which also means i have 2 weeks to get the house in order and stock up the freezer with already cooked goodies and meals so i don't have to spend all my time tending to the baby and cooking when he's finally back.
i'm going to cook ahead and freeze it so i can just thaw something out and not worry about having a whole 2 uninterupted hours to cook, eat, and clean up, before it's time to bath the little one and wreastle him to bed. 2 uneventuful undisturbed hours is completely non existent around here, aside from nap time, and nap time does not fall anywhere near dinner time my friends.

oh what am i going to do with myself?
i had a glass of wine, but drinking wine alone makes me cranky. i can drink it with company, i can sip it with someone on the phone, but i am pathetic when it comes to drinking it alone. and movies! don't get me started on those! watching movies alone is torture! there's no one to laugh with or discuss the scene at hand!
jeeze i'm a sap tonight.i've been a pathetic lonley sap all week!

what reeks??!!!!!

i have searched through my fridge for the last 2 days for what is making it stink so! i dreaded opening my fridge for ANYTHING b/c i was always stunned by the smell! i pulled out several things yesterday and put a box of baking soda in hoping to fix it.
nothing helped!
the fridge stunk and i seemed to also be smelling stinky garbage -coming from somewhere! but couldn't for the life of me figure it out!
i had taken the kitchen trash out twice.
removed all of my recycling items from the kitchen to the bin in the garage thinking that it was the empty rinsed out container of internationl delight chocolate caramel coffee creamer that was making my kitchen smell. i even checked my dishwasher drain for bits of food -which needed to be cleaned anyway. i think that got rid of the rotting trash smell -AND MY HOUSE IS GENERALLY NEAT AND TIDY! so i knew that i had to have managed to do SOME good.
but the fridge just kept on stinking to high heaven! it was almost like having a stinky smelly monster standing in the corner of my kitchen taunting me!
so again today i dug around in my fridge. i actually pulled out perfectly good condoments and tossed them b/c they hadn't been used in several weeks. i actually sprayed a whole can of whipped cream down the drain b/c i bought it about a month ago and had hardly used any of it.
i FINALLY came across a package of VERY moldy cheese that was hidden under several packages of other cheeses and lunchmeats. tossed it. didn't even want to look at it, let alone smell it.
and i found a container of beans that my mother had sent me home with along with fixings for tacos the last time i went to visit. i pulled the lid off the container very cautiously.
had i not know they were beans i would have thought that some big nasty giant had farted in a bowl and stuck a lid on it and put it in my fridge to torment me!
i rinsed them down the drain.
my fridge smells much better as of now.
hopefully i discovered the source of the stink,fought the good fight, and won!

i lit a candle just in case the whole house smelled like beanfarts in a jar.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

oh what to wear to the ball?!!

that headline was supposed to sound fairytaleish.

tj's comissioning ceremony is in september. he'll have a graduatin in SD and then they'll do a graduation for him here at his old location before he moves on to the new post. and after that there's a ball. a real live black tie fancy smanshie ball!
the kind where you get to get all dolled up and drink cocktails and have a formal dinner. i'm super excited! and super nervous. it'll be my first social event as an officera wife. i think the only thing i'm really nervous about is that during the commissioning ceremony i have to get up on stage and pin him with his new rank. but supposedly there's a rehersal - i pray to GOD there is a rehersal b/c i don't want to pin him on the wrong side!
anyway here are the dresses i'm torn between.
this is at night by the way...did i mention that?

this one is my favorite. it's the easiest b/c i know that i can't go wrong -mostly b/c it's black!
it's 80$ and i can run down the street to david's bridal and pick it up-and try it on!

this is the same as the black.just in blue(or periwinkle). i love the color and i can pull blue off very well, but it is a night time formal - so i wasn't soooo sure about that -though i've been told anyone and everyone wears any color of anything(well the women anyway, the men wear dress uniform) from all out evening gowns to their nice sunday clothes.

ah, now this is a beauty. it's a chadwicks. which means i'd have to order it on line, it's 166$ AND i can't try it on and what if it doesn't fit!!? then i have to send it back and wait for a new size.

i'm thinking black, how 'bout you?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

fixed it

i figured it out.
for anyone who needs to know, if your ipod ever goes on the fritz on you do this!
1)go to
2)click on support
3)click on the picturse of all the ipods -the one above ipod manuals
4)select your ipod -i picked ipod classic
5) select "the 5R's troubleshooting assistant"
6) follow the instructions

it worked like a charm!
and i didn't loose any of his music! which was what i was afraid of!

see, i can be smart and helpful when i want to be!


anyone know anything about ipods?

i can't get the "safely remove hardware" thingy to work. i'm trying to charge tj's ipod to send to him and i just unplugged it b/c it's not charging, but the safely remove thing isn't working so i just unplugged it and now it is stuck on "do not disconnect" with the red "don't" sign in the know, the circle with the line thru it.
i'm afraid i broke it.
any ideas on how to fix it? maybe it just needs to be reset, but i can't get in to his itunes to fix it.

Monday, July 7, 2008

the darkside to summer

there are loads of reasons why i love summer.

and a few why i don't.
i didn't have any reasons not to like summer until i became a homeowner. and then you start to wonder about all the big kids on the loose in late hours of the evening, and what they are doing wondering the neighborhood after dark and what the are conspiring agains us.

i was laying in bed last night about 9 40ish pm. working on a letter i have been adding to daily to mail to TJ. I hear a rather loud BANG from somewhere outside, towards the front of the house.
well, i heard it come over the baby monitor, and teege's room is at the front of the house.
i get up and peek in the nursery and listen. all is quite. so i flip on the poarch lights in the front and back and go back to my room. not thinking much else of it.
it could have been the neighbors after all.
so i go to sleep.
i get up this morning and continue my day as usual. breakfast,coffee, feed the baby. then we go for our walk.
on our way back from walking i am coming up the driveway and see a rather large rock sitting perfectly in the center of my driveway, right up against the garage door. and there is a rather large white spot on my garage door. i figured it was a scuff from the rock. but when i got closer it was bird poop - not sure how it got there.
so i continue inspecteing the door - it's a metal door. and find a nice big dent close to the top of the door, and several scratch marks where the rock hit and scrapped the paint away.


someone threw a rock at my garage last night. a rock that is about the size of a softball if not a little bigger.
i have flood lights over my garage. i just replaced them all. a box of 4 was 16$. were they trying to knock out my lights? they're on motion sensing.
i of course am glad it was a rock and not eggs, or someone tping my house. but still, they could have busted my window or something.


this is why i don't like summer.
kids are on the loose.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

a tid bit of drama

i give up.


i went to my mothers for a week.(you remember the drama with the cat i'm sure. he's doing well by the way!) and i asked my "useless neighbor" to put my trash down at the curb on trash day.
i left my trash can out when i left. i tucked it neatly up by the house, on the drive way up against the garage door so that all's she'd have to do was roll it down to the street and back up.
the reason why i left it out was b/c it had a dead bird in it, and dirty diapers. AND IT STUNK! i didn't want it closed up in my garage. i thought briefly that i could possibly get a notice from HOA for the violating a property restriciton. but figured we'd lived here for 4 yrs and had yet to have a problem so i went on my way.

when i got home saturday and went to put the trash can back in the garage. it was still heavy. i opened the lid. it was still full.
wonder what happened. i called my "useless neighbor" and reminded her the day before trash day to drop it down by the street. i was assured with a "sure, it's not a problem. we'll be putting ours out anyway."
so i called her. she fed me some crap about having a migrane the night before and thinking she mentioned it to her husband to put mine out but then they both overslept and missed the trash run. so their trash didn't run either.
now remember all the stuff i had to do to tend to her pets while she was out of town 2 or 3 weeks ago? the garden, the damn gerbil, the 3 dogs that live inside and the 3 cats who can't seem to poop in the box? i even watered their grass out of the goodness of my heart.

i was pretty peeved. i took all of my animals with me to moms. the one thing i asked her to do was put my trash out. i didn't put it down at the street when i left b/c i figured i'd get in trouble for sure with HOA. they fine you for all kinds of stuff in our neighborhood! and it didn't get taken care of.
i though folks put their trash down at the street the night before they come to get it. the only reason we don't is b/c TJ always took it down on his way to work. that's when he chose to do it.

anyway, she apologized over and over and i just stuck the can in the back yard and got over it.

until i checked my mail.
i had a "violation notice" for leaving my trash can out in "public view" on a non trash day. WTF?!
they didn't fine me. but stated that further result of same or similar violations would result in one. i had a few days to remedy the situation before the next HOA inspection. i don't know how long it is before the next inspection. the letter was dated the 1st. and someone must have just stuck it in my mail box that same day b/c there was no stamp or postmark or anything. which means someone opened my mailbox when there was a weeks worth of mail sitting in it.(we have cluster boxes.)
they even took a picture of my trash can sitting neatly put away on my driveway and put it in with the letter.
gimme a break!
so i called my "useless neighbore" and told her all about it and how irritated i was. sure it was my fault for chancing leaving the trash can out all week, but what else was i to do? there was no reason to give her a key if i could just stick the trash out for easy access.
she made pretty light of it and said it wasn't a big deal and they wouldn't do anything they just like to bitch.
she said they got a letter the same day for their "crack grass".(i know. it is amusing. the grass growing up thru the cracks in the drive way.)
she told me not to worry they wouldn't fine me.
i had to tell her "i'm just frustrated. not so much about the letter b/c leaving it out was my choice. but getting my trash out was the one thing i left you to do and it didn't get taken care of and now i have a trash can with a dead bird and dirty diapers that's been sitting out in the sun all week!"
she apoligized again and then just kind of blew me off.
i didn't know what else to do with the bird. i coudln't throw it over someone elses fence b/c all of our neighbors have pets and i didn't want to make anyone sick. and there's no where to burry it b/c the dogs would just have dug it back up!

i just can't believe she's being like this.
and she still hasn't given me my 3 bucks she ows me for going out to buy dog food when they ran out while they were on vacation. i know, it's only 3 bucks. but it was an unexpected inconvenient trip out for me and i had to use my money(i bought the smallest bag i could find) and my gas and my time. it's the principal of the matter. who runs out of dog food when they are on vacation and someone else is tending their pets? woudldn't you make sure there was plenty??

anyway, that's the latest development in that.

aunti shades, this is for you!

teege loves this by the way!

Three Little Fishies

Down in the meadow in an itty bitty pool
Swam three little fishies and a mama fishie too
Swim said the mama fishie, swim if you can
And they swam and they swam all over the Dam

Boop, Boop dittem dattem wattem - chu
Boop, Boop dittem dattem wattem - chu
Boop, Boop dittem dattem wattem - chu
And they swam and they swam all over the dam

Stop! said the mama fishie or you will get lost
The three little fishies didn't want to be bossed
The three little fishies went off on a spree
And they swam and swam right out to the sea

Boop, Boop dittem dattem wattem - chu
Boop, Boop dittem dattem wattem - chu
Boop, Boop dittem dattem wattem - chu
And they swam and they swam right out to the sea

Help! cried the little fishie, look at the whales
And quick as they could they turned on their tails
And back to the pool in the meadow they swam
And they swam and they swam back over the dam

Boop, Boop dittem dattem wattem - chu
Boop, Boop dittem dattem wattem - chu
Boop, Boop dittem dattem wattem - chu
And they Swam and they swam back over the dam
And they Swam and they swam back over the dam

the mystery is revealed.

we found out where the next duty station is. i was so nervous when TJ called and told me he was branching as field artillary. but that's all he said. he just let that hang in the air.
all's i could say was "so i guess we're moving to el paso then?"
"among other places." was his reply.
i waited.

"how do you feel about............."

(drumroll please)

"new braunfels?"

"REALLY????!!" i all but screamed in to the phone.

i don't remember much about new braunfels other than that it's where schlitterbahn is. i went when i was 10, and maybe again when i was a teenager. that's all i remember. when you are a kid you don't really look around at a new town and think "this is great. i'd like to live here."
it's a small town, developing quickly. and has a lot of traffic i guess from folks coming in and out to float the river.
but it's only 1.5 hours from where we are now i suppose.

so that's it.
we'll be moving. well, at some point anyway.
i don't know that we are going to try and keep the house anymore since we are staying somewhat close to home.but i also don't know if we are going to be able to sell it quickly. so i bet what is going to happen is either A) TJ is going to commute each day until we get the house sold or B) he has friends that live close enough to our new location that he might stay with them during the week and come home on the weekends. and it will be up to me to do all the packing and deal with all the realtors til the house does sell.
there were 3 houses in our neighborhood for sale. they all went on the market at the same time - just about. 1 was listed with some generic company i have never heard of. the other 2 are with keller williams -a real popular realestate company. they actually had the listing for our house when we bought it. well the 2 that were listed with KW sold first. roughly at the same time.
the other one is still waiting.

either way we are not going to el paso and we can thank God for that!!! we prayed about it. and things did work in our favor.
of course, i suppose they have plenty of time to decide they want to send tj somewhere else. in the military they always say not to believe something is going to happen til it has already happened. but i am rejoicing anyway!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

koko's kitty update continued

i forgot to tell you.

the splint.

yeah. it cose 40 dollars. just for the splint. and an extra 15 just to have them wrap it around his leg in a sticky ace bandage.

only to have it fall off 4 hours later. when koko had done nothing but sleep those 4 hours!!
he had pulled at a tiny corner, just a tiny bit. and then seemed to say "the hell with it! i'm taking a nap!"
i took him to the litter box when he woke up,. he shook his leg a little,and the splint fell right off. it just slid right off!!
i was so frustrated! that thing cost alot just to have it come off!
so i took him back to the vet and the girl said to me "i guess i'll shave his leg this time and see if it sticks better."
well duh!! when it fell off the first time the sticky stuff had a whole layer of cat hair stuck to it.
why wouldn't they shave his leg in the first place??

so they redid it. and it held. he still had it on at 1 this morning. but when i got up at 7 he had shaken it off.
the dr called this morning and asked about it and i told him he got out of it sometime in the night. he agreed that those things are near impossible to keep on cats.

well then why didn't you just tell me to keep him in his cage rather than squeeze 55 bucks out of me when you knew it wouldn't stay on??

but i guess he felt like he had to do something since he couldn't tell me anything else yesterday since the surgeon wasnt' there. i can't blame him for that.

koko kitty's update

so we went to the vet yesterday.
225 dollars later we seem to think that he has a "lesion". there's quite a bit of swelling and pain. on the xray it looks like part of the bone in what would be his ankle has seperated from the bigger bone.
poor koko.

the dr we saw put him in a splint(which did not stay on by the way) and gave him a pain shot and said he wanted to run the xrays by the surgeon and call me in the morning.
i am too keep koko in strict confinement. in a cage at all times and i have to carry him to and from the potty - for 3 weeks.

the vet called back this morning and said the the surgeon is concerned about "bone cancer" b/c the injured area is not a typical weight bearing part of his leg. the surgeon thought it made sense to cinsider cancer b/c of the area and the fact that the cancer would just eat away at the bone, causing it to pull away like it did.

i opted to go the "strict cage rest and pain meds route". just b/c at this point i can pay for medicine, but not more tests.
he seems better this morning after being off it pretty much for the last 24 hours. he was actually standing on it this moring. i had to take him out of the cat box after he went potty b/c he was so happy to be scooting the litter around that he just couldn't seem to stop!
so the rest of the babies are going to get their check ups tomorrow. and if koko doesn't heal well (which he should, unless it's something worse) then i will worry that it is something worse.

wish us luck. it's going to be a long 3 weeks for poor koko. he's such an active boy. he's going to be unhappy.