Monday, February 16, 2009

a happy weekend, and an egg-celent situation!

this weekend was nice.
it was good to have TJ home. he showed early. WAY early!
i was expecting to have to get thru the whole day friday before he made it in. i called him around 8 30 to see if he'd left yet. i got no answer.i just figured he had his radio blasting while he was cruising down the road and hung up.
he called back about 10 minutes later.
they started letting ppl sign out at midnight thursday.
he was 20 minutes away from home.
of course this resulted in my scarfing my breakfast and running around like crazy trying to wash my face and get dressed and do the bit of kitchen tidying i had left undone last night.
he had been driving all night - which made me nervous to hear. considering he had been up since 4 30 that morning, AND had never really gone to bed that night. he got like a 45 minutes snooze in, but kept getting woke up by ppl calling and asking him to go to the bar. the last call he got was a friend saying they were releasing ppl for the long weekend.
it was nice to be able to spend all of that day together rather than just the evening. though he did take a nap almost as soon as he got in. and he did go out and buy another pistol that afteroon while tj was napping.
and he managed to come thru on v day! i seriously expected him to forget. which didn't really matter b/c he was going to be HERE and that was enough! just to be able to see him.
i picked him up a nice card and a giant Hershey kiss b/c that's what i do every year.and then saturday morning he surprised me with a big box of chocolates and the bestest card i think he's ever picked out.
at the bottom of the card he wrote "thanks for riding on this journey with me even though sometimes it's bumpy." i wanted to cry. i kissed him and said "it's been a good journey, and i don't mind the bumps. they give us character." and it's true. considering all the bumps ahead - like a 12 month deployment leaving me outnumbered by a 4 month old and an almost 2 year old (God help me!!!)yes i know, ppl do it everyday. and most of them don't know how they are going to manage until they just have to. so no worries!-he sure does manage to make up for all the time he spends away and the stupid inconsiderate idiot things he can do.
ok enough sappy stuff.

here's about the egg incident:
strike 1 was the rock someone threw at the garage door back in july.
strike 2 -the christmas lights that someone smashed in.(poor frosty!)

and now strike 3:

TJ was working on some homework yesterday so i took little tj out to swing. which he didn't seem to be having a good time with, so we went out front where i proceeded to strap him and his stuffed winnie the pooh in the red wagon. we headed up the driveway for a little stroll when i see it.
a big goopy clear blob of "stuff" by my car.
about 5 feet away from said blob i see an egg shell. a smashed flat but not in a gazillion pieces egg shell.
just one. so no one egged our cars.
i shrugged it off.
we stroll down to the neighbors driveway and back up to ours and i notice more goopy clear blob streaked down my tire. but i see no yolk on car or driveway or anywhere. and i really couldn't find any kind of splat place on the paint where said egg may have hit and bounced off somehow....... we stroll up to the other neighbors drive and back again and i decide to ask TJ what he thinks.
we roll in to the garage and i poke my head in the door.
"babe can you hear me?" i holler.
" so i know if you stick bologna slices on someones car it'll eat the paint but what about egg?"
i hear rustles of paper.
"egg will do the same thing."
"oh........ i think someone may have egged my car but i'm not sure. there's no yellow!"
there's a clatter and scrapping of him pushing his chair back in the kitchen. he appears around the corner.
"well lets just take a look."
we go out and i give him the run down of my discovery. he checked out both cars. all paint was clear of egg splatter best we could tell.
then he pulls out his brilliant thinking cap.
the blob on the driveway - all egg white
egg white streaked on my tire directly in line with said blob.
then he sees drips of dried egg white above the wheel well, under my gas tank door......
dun dun dun!
he throws open the gas tank door and rips the cap off and.....
"and there it is!!!.....(long string of profanity) .....the sorry mother fuckers! i'm calling the cops!!" (i rarely witness any kind of outburst like this from my husband. it's almost unheard of!)
the egg yolk was sitting in my gas tank.
thankfully there is a flap covering the mouth of the tank once the lid is off so we were able to scoop out most of the egg.whoever did it was in a hurry b/c no one stuck anything down the flap to get the egg all the way inside the tank.(my ex husband's buddies put sugar in my gas tank years ago when i decided to divorce his sorry behind. that was a big mess. totally ruined my car! we had to have the whole engine rebuilt. i was afraid of the damage an egg might cause. what if it cooked and clogged something??)
an officer came and took a report. (i checked the neighbors cars and driveways while cop and TJ were talking. they didn't touch his truck. just my car.)he said we were among a list of several calls that day already for the same problem. and that there had also been a call from some kid reporting suspicious persons tampering with other ppls cars. gave a description and an address of where he thought suspicious person lived.
my car should be fine.our neighbor who is a mechanic said he couldn't' see any problems, as did the we added fresh gas and took it for a good drive. picked up locking gas caps for each vehicle. warned the neighbors..........
TJ stayed in a mood for hours.
"all's i wanted to do was come home and have a nice weekend and do some catching up with my wife and my son!"
(he had spent most of saturday afternoon running around town trying to find someone to fix his phone. he has a black berry. this is his 2nd one.he's already had one replaced with buggs in it. not his one messed up to and he was going to make sure they fixed it THIS weekend! b/c he wasn't waiting.turns out the new one they sent him to replace his old one -the one that had quite working saturday - they sent to him a refurbished one, not a brand new one like they were supposed to. like he paid for! it would have been 50$ for a used one. he paid 100$ for a new one.....anyway, that got fixed finally. and then the egg mess. he just wanted to spend some nice quiet time at home - it's just the way life happens sometimes.)
i asked him if he was so bothered by it b/c it made him afriad to go off and leave us again.
"no. not really. no one's done anything to put ya'll in danger. it's just that i have worked my ASS OFF to obtain all the nice things that we have and it pisses me off that someone comes in and screws with it!"
and that was really all that was said about it.

TJ's grampa did finally pass away around midnight last night.they took him off life support on Friday.he had been talking to his mom and brother off and on this weekend,he would always sush us or go outside to take a call. he told me he hadn't told them he was at home b/c his mom would make him feel obligated to make an appearance or guilty for not going down to the tx/la border to see everyone. so he just didn't tell her he was home.
she called my cell at 12 29 to tell me the news.i slept right thru it. then she called the house at like 1 15- where TJ accidentally answered the phone b/c he was half asleep. she didn't act surprised. maybe she was in shock and thought she called his cell.
anyway,TJ said he was sad for his mom, but that he didn't feel the need to attend the funeral or go up there and be with her (besides that he would have to take emergency leave to go down there and then would be in a bind with trying to finish school if i went in to labor early and he had to take more leave.)

crazy neighbor:
something i forgot to tell ya'll earlier on: we were talking several days ago and she wanted to know why TJ was driving home this weekend, wouldn't it be faster to fly?
no. it's cheaper and faster to drive b/c all the flights that leave OK go to GA(or somewhere) first, not straight to tx. we figured this out a while back when trying to brew up an emergency plan if he had to get home in a hurry - it would take the same time if not longer to fly.
"well, i kind of have a suspicion that he's going to miss the birth of this child anyway. so you might should be prepare yourself that he won't be there and make a back up plan for someone else to sit with you thru the delivery."
and who asked your opinion??
i am very aware he might miss it! we discussed it before we were ever pregnant! we made a decision to do it anyway!
she can be so tacky without meaning to be.

today she called right after TJ left. she must have been watching out the window to see when he was gone. i told her he was leaving today. she said she'd call and check on me.
she hasn't gotten over treating me like i'm having a nervous break down every time he goes somewhere.she's been like this every since we moved in 5 years ago.
he comes and goes so much that it's kind of 2nd nature now.aside from the slums that i've been in from time to time b/c i'm pregnant, it doens't feel strange when he leaves for long periods of time. it bothers me. but i'm kind of in a routine now and feeling more established and it's easier to find something to do around the house rather than sit and cry (which is what i did do before i had a child who took up most of my attention and time anyway)
so she called. i was on the phone with my mom and didn't switch over.
i called her later on. no answer. left message.
she calls again at 12 30 when i'm on the phone with my mom, again (i had asked her to look at jammies for tj (who won't leave his zippers alone and undoes his sleepers nearly every night!and she was calling me to tell me what they had) i didn't click over again.
she calls my cell phone.
i didn't answer that either.
she knew i was here. and if the machine doesn't pick up it's b/c -DUH! i'm on the phone!
she calls the house AGAIN!
this time i put my mom on hold and answer the line saying "are you having an emergency!?"
stutter and stammering and then "kind of. we're waiting on a play station to be delivered and my husband wants to go to lunch but the package has to be signed for and we don't want to miss it so if you were going to be home i was wanting to put a note on my door for them to deliver it to you." all in one breath! impressive. i must have scared her.
i should have just not answered and told her later i was on the phone with the insurance company or something -but it's a holiday so that wouldn't' have worked.
"that's fine. i'll be here."
"ok. thanks. so how are you doing?"
"i'm fine. but i'm on the other line so i have to go."
that is in no WAY an emergency of any kind!
they have a WII and a nintendo game cube and another play station already.
ah well. it's not like i wasn't going to be here anyway.
i guess i better wash my face in case i have to answer the door.