Sunday, May 3, 2009

a few minutes

thanks for all the comments ladies!
we are all doing well.
a little tired. but that's getting better too.
natalie eats pretty well though we certainly had our fair share of issues in the first week and she sleeps pretty good so far.
we have had to put her in her swing at night at times to get her back to sleep; it's one of those papasaun chair swings(however you spell it) so it lays back flat like a craddel.but she's managing her nights and days better.
we had some issues with jaundice(mostly my over cautious dr again i think.) natalie was as orange as a carrot when she was 5 days old. they had us taking her out in to the light(which there was none b/c it was so darn cloudy) to help them come down and told me to feed her a lot,but her bili levels dropped the day she was a week old, just like every one said they would. but the drs have to keep an eye on it. if the bili levels get too high in rare causes it can cause brain damage(and death though i don't know that any baby has ever died from it). they were going to send us to the hospital for daily light therapy if she didn't get better. but all is well now.

teege is still doing pretty good with her. he still gets jealous, of his daddy and his new sister! LOL! but he's coping. i just make sure he's getting lots of one on one time with mommy and that when sister is awake i try and pay more attention to him when i can.he responds to her alot better if i refer to her as "your baby" when talking to him about her. seems to make him feel more like she's his than mine.

anyway i gotta run. the little one will be calling for the boob any second now.
i'll try and put up some current pics soon!