Thursday, September 25, 2008


it's the vitamins!
the prenatal vitamins are making me sick! i didn't take them yesterday and i could actually do stuff! i even cooked!
i made a big pot of potato soup and corn bread! of course i'm sharing with my neighbor and her kids today b/c the recipe makes a ton!
i took the vitamins before bed to see if that helped.
the mistake:
i've been taking an extra b6 to help with the nausea. b6 is some kind of energy supplement or whatever.
so i got next to no sleep.
i won't be doing that tonight.
i figure i'll deal with the vitamins until i can get to the dr and get her opinion. it's pretty common that the vitamins make pregnant women sick. the vitamins aren't for the baby anyway. they are for you. the baby's gunna take what it needs from you, so you have to dbl up to replace what life the kid sucks out of you!

anyway, i'm gunna switch up the vitamins for a bit and take them at bedtime and then maybe i'll sleep thru the icky feeling part.

oh, and i called the insurance company again b/c the lady never called me back like she said she would. again.
i left a message. an hour ago.
this is ridiculous!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

9 months

aren't these great? my neighbor took them.
don't they look professional??
i'll get some more up soon!


well how long has it been? nothing new has happened. nothing major or distract.
i've just been sick to my tummy and oh so sleepy that i can't manage to hardly do any thing!
it makes me feel like a bad mommy. teege plays so well by himself. he will sit in the floor with his toys or bang on the coffee table or crawl around but never out of sight -well, hardly ever anyway- that i can manage to just somehow sit on my butt alot of the time. or i can stick him in his play pin. i have even tried to get down on the floor with him during the parts of the day when i feel good and play with him, but he just ignores me most of the time.
we haven't gotten to walk much the last week or so. i used to go every day. and it was the one thing that kept the nausea at bay. now if i can get my breakfast down that's about all i can handle.
this will pass and i'll be able to interact with my kid more. he's just so stinkin' good that he doesn't care if i'm ignoring him! he doesn't seem to notice that's what's going on at this point! but sometimes i want to play with him and i just can't. i feel like i'll puke if i move! other times well, he's so sidetracked with what he's doing that he happily plays away while i lay in the floor next to him, and he ignores me.
i'll just have to do better about catching him at the right times i guess.

i need to put up new pics for ya'll to see. we're coming up on the first year ya know.

TJ's eyes are doing good. they gave him some goop to put in his eyes every night before bed -now that the protective lenses are off -but even with the goop his eye ball still sticks to the inside of his eye lid when he sleeps. not bad. i'm sure it would be worse if he didn't have the goop.
ugh! i can't imagine that that feels like! he says it hurts pretty bad.

i'm tyring to plan teege's first birthday party.
i'm kind of leaning towards thomas the train decorations and cup cakes. it'll just be a small party.
we don't know that many little kids. and then there'll be extra family of course.
oh! we have to have it a week early b/c TJ leaves for OBC on teege's birthday! imagine that! he reports to ft sill on the baby's first birthday. he's totally torn up over it. i told him it'd be fine! we'd just do it early. but that didn't seem to make him feel better.

other than that i am going on 8 weeks pregnant and still haven't been to see my dr yet b/c the stupid insurance is having issues! i've called like every day for the last 2 weeks! and they finally got a supervisor on the case to get things moving. apparently since i wasn't affected by the hurricane i kind of got to take the back seat at getting all of my problems resolved. i'll probably be in my 2nd trimester before i get to be seen.
stupid insurance.
it is free medical.
i can't complain really.
Teege cost over 20K and we didn't have to pay a single penny.

can't complain about that at all.

other than that i am absolutely useless! i can't eat if i have to cook the food first. i've lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 lbs. yesterday i had a huge allergy attack and could smell or taste anything. it was great. i managed to eat almost an entire plate for dinner instead of a blob of this and that. and before that i had a whole can of Mandarin oranges and some bold chex party mix. a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch after i woke up from nap. my neighbor brought me enchiladas for dinner. and then i had some milky way minis and another bowl of cinnamon toast crunch before bed. it was bliss. i didn't have to suffer one second for eating.
i don't know which is worse. feeling so sick or sneezing so bad! i think at this point i'd rather sneeze.
anyway, i'm going to go get some rest while i have the chance.
hopefully i won't be away for so long for my next post.

Friday, September 12, 2008


i was already feeling bad yesterday.
i was irritated.
at everything.
i wanted to sleep.
every time i managed to possibly get comfortable and drift off something would wake me up!
Big TJ got to sleep most of the day away. i was irritated about this. not at him so much as i was at the fact that the guy can close his eyes and sleep, any time, any where. he totally sleeps on demand. it's not fair. it takes me the better part of 30 minutes to fall asleep b/c i have to find a way to shut off my brain! he just closes his eyes and off he goes.

we went out to dinner last night. it was nice. we went and had mexican food.
we got up to leave and i realized i had locked the keys in the car.
i have a habit of setting them on the seat while i'm getting little tj out of his seat. Big TJ was trying to help but i was worried about him standing out in the sun b/c of his surgery so i was just grabbing things and trying to get inside.
and i locked the keys in the car.
the spare key to my car was in TJ's truck at home.
the keys to TJ's truck were in his pocket.
so we couldn't call a neighbor to get in the house to get the spare and bring it to us.
we also couldn't get a hold of ANY body to come and pick one of us up so we could go get the spare key.
TJ finally called the 800# on the window of the car. (thank God we bought chevys! i love chevy road side assistance.since my car didn't come with onstar.) they sent someone out to unlock our doors and it was free b/c my car still has less than 35000 miles on it. it took us almost an hour from the time i realized what i had done til the time we got home. but the guy who came to our rescue wans't supposed to show up for 40 minutes from the time of the call and he was there in less than 20.
thank you chevrolet! you saved us!

all in all it was far from a perfect day. but i guess it always could have been worse.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

an update

well the dr says the new baby is due may 9. i don't think that's exactly right b/c i didn't have my last cycle dates right when i went in. i'm leaning more towards may 7. however baby tj came a week early so we'll see. this baby is due sometime in may anyway.

the things i like about being pregnant:

i have a great day so long as i exercise. i feel so much better when i'm out walking or doing some yoga or something. (this is always nice. otherwise i just feel sick!)

i have aboslutely flawless, beautiful skin. like i used the worlds most magical facial moisturizer or some super charged foundation that matched perfect in color and texture. my face looks super smooth, i have these huge poors around my nose -kind of in the t-zone are. when i'm pregnant, they disappear. i could get by without wearing makeup for months. i have nice rosy checks and my eyes are so blue you'd think i was wearing contacts. even my eye lashes look blacker! ok, i'm just being wierd now.

the things i don't like:

everything hurts. and i'm not even big!

i am in serious danger of pinching someones head off 24/7

some days i am overwhelmed with the urge to sit down and cry (which used to be very like me during pms before teege was born,but not so much now,well, until i found out i was pregnant)

my stomach is wierd. if i go to long without eating i feel sick. if i eat i feel sick anyway, though not as bad.

yesterday the only thing that made me feel better -chocolate chip cookies.(this could be a VERY bad thing......very bad.)

my face is more oily than normal - but that's probably why my skin looks so young and fresh!

i am TIRED! so very tired! i can't hardly keep my eyes open sometimes!

no alcohol

and i guess there is more to this that i am going to not like down the road. for right now it's just a matter of staying on top of my stomach so it doesn't get the better of me.

i didn't have bad morning sickness with Teege -hopefully i am as lucky this time.

big TJ had PKR(or is it PRK?) surgery on his eyes yesterday. it's a corrective surgery like laysic. he's doing great ;though i did have to fight him in the middle of the night at midnight, 3 am, and 6 am, to take his pain meds and put his drops in. i said "dude. i have given birth recently. you really should stay on top for your pills or you will regret it later."
he's been sleeping pretty much for the last 24 hrs. it's the only thing that keeps his eyes from bothering him.
and he has to wear sunglasses at all times unless he is in the dark for the next month. it's so funny to see him sitting in front of the tv with sun glasses on.(but too much light and activity on his eyes can cause scaring of some kind so it is better just to keep them closed.
he can't drive anywhere for the nest week. it's all up to me if i don't want to be held hostage in this house all week long.

he doens't need too much taking care of. mostly just reminders to take all of his medicine and rest his eyes. i've threatened to beat him a time or two for trying to do to much.

other than that today is my 27th birthday and we are doing nothing b/c he can't really go out anywhere and do anything.
but we will survive. there's not really much we could do anyway besides go out to eat. we can't like go to a movie or anything -i guess we could go wander the mall. it's not bright at the mall so his eyes would be ok. and we could stick the baby in his stroller and he'd have fun!
or we could just sit at home like an old tired couple. (we do that alot anyway)

we are having family over for cake and ice cream saturday. so it's not like the day is going to go uncelebreated. i can't wait for cake! i asked my mom to make german chocolate! YUMMY!

ah cake!
chocolate cake!!

i hope the new baby likes cake.

i am going to be disappointed if i can't handle any!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


This weekend was TJ's first Ball. it was, well, awful. it was nice. things were elegantly set and well planed, almost too planned. i mean, planned to a T. even down to what time we were supposed to be en-route to the ball.
so what made it so awful? let me just indulge in a little bit of fit throwing if you don't mind.

there were 2 sets of students at the commissioning ceremony. the "traditional" students, which numbered somewhere in the 3o's. theses students were the ones who took 18 months to finish OCS. they went one weekend out of each month for 18 months for training. and then there were the "accelerated" students, which numbered somewhere around 15. this is TJ's group. the 15 folks that spent 8 solid weeks away from home, doing ALL of their training at one time.
the ball was all about the "traditional" folks. well, the whole entire weekend was about them actually.

the only ones who got ANY kind of special award were traditional students.(now granted some of the guys in TJ's group probably wouldn't have been in excelent enough shape or have super super smarts -you can't tell me out of that group of 15 that NO ONE was eligible for some kind of award!)

we had to pay 35$ a piece for the banquette. that was 70 bucks of our money for a damn dinner that wasn't even that great.the traditional students got to eat for free.

there was supposed to be a breakfast this morning of breakfast tacos for the group. somehow the "accelerated" students (US) ended up paying 10$ a piece for someone to order 160 donuts.(would that many donuts really cost that much?)

oh, all of the "traditional" students spouses got a special gift for supporting their soldier through all of their hard work and dedication. we got nothing. we were separated for 8 solids weeks - my man worked ten times as hard as the "traditional" guys. they were only gone one weekend a month -which is normal anyway b/c i'm sure that was used in place of their drill weekend!! and i got nothing from the instructors showing their appreciation to me for my endurance and support to help my man be a better officer. BAH!

oh, talk to me about the drink tickets.
when we got to the ball the first hr was just a social hr with a cash bar. our first round of drinks -a jack and coke for TJ and a bottle of H2O for me - cost us 9.25. HOLY COW WE ALMOST LEFT RIGHT THEN. well then this dude was going around handing out free drink tickets. he actually gave us 2 and said "2 free drinks on behalf of the class"
ok.made it sound like he was doing us a favor!
so we spread the word to all of our "Accelerated" friends. they all took turns getting up and chasing the guy with the drink tickets wanting their fair share since we got some. the first guy that asked for his was told "the tickets are only for the traditional students." the guy had to sweet talk the guy to get his. the ticket guy said the same thing to the next guy that asked and he told the ticket guy "i am sick of this traditional student crap. i want my 2 tickets. you gave each of my buddies theirs and i want mine."

while we were waiting for dinner to be served they played this nice slide show put together by the class president of all their hard work and dedication over the last 18 months. even going as far as to show each student and list their rank, name, and state what they were branching. NONE of the accelerated students were anywhere in that video.

oh!!! and all of the accelerated students had a graduation from the accelerated program on July 26. they were told their date of commission would be then. which would mean 1500 dollars in back pay for us. only yesterday they decided to tell them "oops. didn't anyone tell you?? your new date of rank is today. it's only fair since the traditional students are only graduating today." and then when someone had the balls to stand up to them and question it he was told "well 2LT in actuality you are part of class 52(which would be graduating within the next year and a half) so you graduated from calls 52 early, not class 51. which means you are still getting commissioned earlier than you would be." when he said again that he was going to get to the bottom of that they asked him "do you really want to start your new career with a fight?"
come on! it's all b/c someone didn't want to do all the extra paper work.

SO NOW! none of the accelerated guys have any orders yet b/c they have to be FEDERALLY recognized before they can actually start getting paid as 2Lt's. it will be ANOTHER 60 days before we even see the 900$ increase in pay. TJ has been working for the last month in a 2LT slot doing all the regular 2LT work. had he known he wasn't going to have orders until november to actually work as a 2LT he would have stayed in his old slot in austin.

TJ is going to file complaint forms anyway. it's the last step he can take to try and get it straight. they were denied once by some department. but there is a soldiers corrections department they can be submitted to and maybe get it fixed.
a good friend of TJ's told him that it wouldn't look whiny if he filed a formal would actually make him look like less of a doormat. show them that you can stand up for yourself and you won't be played!

there was other stupid retarded stuff that happened. but that's the major stuff.

basically we were just all singled out as the black sheep of the group. like they thought we weren't important. and truth be told, our guys are alot smarter and stronger and will make much better officers for getting it all done in one fail swoop!! and not spread out in piddly weekends over a year and a half!!!

i am so mad i could scream!!!!!!

it was totally unprofessional and unfair for them to act that way!

it was worse than high school!!


things are going to change.
one day.
with my husband in charge.
things are going to start happening for soldiers they way they should.

ok. i'm done ranting. i just had to get that all of my chest. i thought we were all on the same team. all part of one big group that made some huge accomplishiment. but since they chose to ignore us, i choose to believe that my husaband is a better man than they are.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

lets top it all off shall we?

ok so you all know what kind of drastic things we have going on over here.

the carpet is in. it's very nice.(we did go thru with it b/c TJ decided he did want to keep the house up for sale. but if the house hasn't sold by november we will just take it off the market, and then we still have new carpet to enjoy.)

we can't go house hunting really until we get an offer on this house b/c we want to reuse our VA loan (you can't have more than 1 at a time.) so there's no point in looking and finding a great house that we have to PRAY doesn't sell before we can snatch it up.

at some point, if the house does sell, we will be moving.(but the military is giving us 2000 to help with moving expenses along with hiring a moving company to move us -since it is a PCS move.

TJ is leaving for OBC for 6 months

he's deploying within the year

what else? did i cover it all

ok, so to top it all of


this is a good thing! i was still totally surprise even though the whole thing was planned using an ovulation kit and everything. there was next to no way that we could have managed to not be pregnant.
i have taken 5 home pregnancy tests.
yes 5.
wonder why? so do i.
the first 3 were target brand. and the positive line disappears after 24 hrs.(i still have the test from when we first found out we were pregnant with teege. the lines are still perfectly visible.) so i went back to the store and got a box of first response so i would have a test to keep. and then decided to use them both b/c it's just fun to watch the positive line appear.

i know.
i'm wierd.

someone is coming to show the house in like a half hour!!!

i have to go!!!!!!