Thursday, February 28, 2008

5 years

today is our 5 year anniversary.

we were married on feb.28,2003.

we don't have any huge plans. we spent the weekend after valentines day celebrating both our anniversary and valentine's. we took teege to my mom's for friday night and we went to olive garden and then we went and got some drink and some chocolate and we went home and watched movies. i think that the plan was to get stupid drunk- but seeing how in the last year neither of us have had hardly more than a drink we made it up to about 11 pm and then just went to bed. it never works to get stupid drunk when you're practically new to the sport.(since i was pregnant and nursing TJ just chose not to partake in the recreational side of alcohol until i could participate as well) it didn't work out so great.
so tonight we are going out to dinner. it will be our first dinner out as a whole family. yes, we are taking teege. my mom kind of hinted at asking one of the nighbors to baby sit for a while so we could go alone, but i think i'm up for the challenge. it's one of those things that you just have to up and do when you have a baby so that you know that you can do it. survive dinner out even if they cry, family gatherings for the first time with a new born,make a long car trip, which we did not too long agao(ok. it wans't that long of a car ride, but we live 2 miles from heb and walmart and that was the farthest we'd ever gone just me and teege, so we made the 45 minute drive to mom's about a month ago,.....just one of those things i needed to know i could do on my own.)

so since we celebrated in between the 2 events like always we aren't doing anniversary gifts. the plan was to do gifts for valentines and dinner for anniversary - and then we blew that out of the water on v day and did both.

for v day well, i couldn't decide what to get TJ so here i am about a week before the big day googling valentines day gift ideas for men. i stumble across you can email this websight a photo - of ANYTHING! - and they can do a fantasy photo with it, a hand sketch, oil painting, water name it! you can even send them several photos of different people and they combine it all into 1 picture.
so i send them one of our wedding photos and have a pencil sketch done for TJ. the whole process can take up to 3 weeks depending on what you're having done. so i figured PERFECT! it will be here right in between our 2 events.
it showed up last thursday - exactly a week after v day and a week before our anniversary.
worked out pretty good.
well, TJ decides to do something for me for today anyway. he didn't spend any money. he wrote me a poem. i cried. of course i cried. he made me promise i wouldn't and i had no idea what was coming and i told him " i can't promise i won't cry b/c if you think i'm going to cry then i will and you can't be mad"
yup. there were tears. it was just such a sweet thing. he doens't do stuff like this very often.
the words were beautiful.but i think they were tears more from surprise. from discovering that just when i think that my romantic fantasies only exist in books and movies he does something like this.
we have been merley coexisting the last several's all due to his grueling work schedule he's on for OCS. there is an end to it. sometimes i just have to stop him and say "ok. it's time for us for a change." otherwise we would never see eachother. i've heard this happens when you have a baby. only i don't think it's just the baby. i think he's put us at the bottom of his priority list - not on purpose. he just got too busy. getting him to see that hasn't been easy.
and then he does something like this: just when i think that we are hopeless!

my wife Jamie (my greatest gift)

it's been five years since we said i do,
of those five we have been apart over two.
we both have spent many nights alone,
but who can beat the feeling of coming home?
there have been so many times i wonder why
why am i so blessed and such a lucky guy?
it seems like yesterday you were in the aisle,
wearing that dress and wearing that smile.
you really make my life complete every day.
you know i love you more than words can say.
i realize the great partner i have in my life,
thank you jamie for being my wife.

thank you for the best five years of my life.

see? he hasnt' forgotten me. i still linger in his mind somewhere. even if i'm farther at the back than i think i should be.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

the poopies diaper EVER!

my husband walks thru the kitchen tonight as i'm cooking dinner and says "wow, he spit up everywhere. his whole front is soaked" my son is sitting in his bouncy seat happily cooing at himself in the mirror. i peak over the counter at him and say " how did he get spit up down there?" he was wet under his neck and then dry until the waist. "i think he messed his diaper" i muse to my husband who bends to pick him up. when he lifted him up to see there was no doubt, as he was completely soaked in poop from the waist down, EVEN HIS PANTS LEGS WERE SOAKED!! he seems to be on a 2 day pooping schedule lately, but has yet to make a HUGE MESS!! before today
we had to drop everything and it took both of us to get his clothes off to avoid smearing poop all over his head!! my husband has a hard time with messes like that and he kept muttering to himself "it's on me! it's on me" and trying not to gagg! we were laughing about the matter so much that we both forgot that the onesie our son had on had buttons on the back! we were stretching the neck as wide as we could trying to lift it over his head and Teege just starts shrieking!! SHRIEKING FOR DEAR LIFE in holy terror that we were trying to pull his head off!!!!!!!! then we remembered the buttons.
we were all covered in poo by the time we got the clothes off, after that we all just went straight to the bath.
that was enough adventure to last me the rest of this week!

i should have taken a nap today.
had i know teege was planning this i would have rested up!