Wednesday, January 7, 2009

more stuff

this week i have managed to steam clean the carpet in my living room.
my nice new carpet had 4 pets stains on it.
i thought we were over this really, but our little dog goes thru these times where she protests her "daddy" being gone and she pottys on the floor in the middle of the night. sleeping with the bedroom door helps b/c she can't get out of our room and she won't get up -most of the time. but sometimes i have to leave the door open b/c the cats will just cry in the middle of the night to go out or come in.
i actually got all the spots up and the steamed the whole room. it all came clean.
the next morning i went out to start the coffee and was greeted with a nice fresh pile of poo sitting right in the door way to our living room -on my clean carpet. :(

i have also swept and mopped the kitchen and gone thru the 2 boxes of maternity clothes that have been sitting at the foot of my bed for a month waiting to be sorted into piles of "won't fit already" and "too big but can make do til they do fit."

vacuumed my bedroom.
today i'm going to steam clean the carpet in there.

and today the new baby bedding is coming. it's already out for delivery! YAY! i'm going to wash it and put it on! even though i'll have to take it off and wash it again probably b/c i'm sure the door will get left open and the cats will sleep in the crib or i'll just decide it's dusty and needs to be washed again before i can put the new baby. but that can actually wait for a while b/c we'll be using a bassinet for the first months or two in our room.

i guess i'll also be going to target soon to look at the throw pillows and a new dust ruffel.
but that may wait too. i might decide to go see my mom this weekend. it's supposed to be cold this weekend again and i just can never seem to get warm at home when TJ is gone.
it's weird. i know. he's just one of those things that makes me feel cozy. guess that means i'm cold alot.

oh, and David Cook. the new american idol guy from i guess last season or whenever -yeah i don't watch that show either. his single "Light on" i love it! i bought it off itunes this morning. it reminds me of my life a little. i leave a light on all the time when TJ is gone. it's just one of those things......

the bachelor

anyone watch this monday?

i don't usually watch these kinds of shows. they just kind of annoy me. but i was interested to see how this one goes over b/c of jason being a single dad and all that.

i sat thru the whole 2 hrs. but i wanted to jab my finger down my throat pretty much the whole time.
it was actually a rather lonley experienc b/c i laughed so hard at some of the most stupid stuff that happened but there was no one to make fun of the show with. i only know one person that watches those and i called her but she wasn't watching. i think she's more of a bachellorett fan actually. and way-all these women competeing for this one guys attention and the crazy off the wall things they said - like the dental hygenist chick that told jason he had beautiful teeth! she did! it just kind of fell out of her mouth at the end of the nice long list of all the details she had dug up about him and his family and how GREAT she thought he was! and then at the end she says "jason you have beautiful teeth!" i wanted to die! it i was so funny!

i don't know that i'll keep up with the show or not. i didn't really like any of the candidates he picked to stay on to possibly be his wife.

this year.

if i was going to have a new years resuloution (i rarely make them. and if i do well, i don't usually remember to stick to them) it would be to complain less.

i gripe a lot.
most of the time it's just for the sake of griping.

i also wish that i were more consistent in my house keeping.
when i worked 40 hrs a week i swept and mopped and vacuumed every saturday and cleaned the bathrooms on whatever half day i had off that week. why can't i do that now? when i'm home all the time?

but i'm definately going to complain less. even if i have to sneak it in in ways that don't sound like complaining.

i am brilliant!

i am!
i am absolutely brilliant! - when my pregnant brain wants to allow it.
i was talking with TJ last night about the baby shower drama. he agreed that if i don't want one i shouldn't have to have one. and i should be able to request that. he agreed that it's too much hassle b/c i'd probably end up returning most of the items received b/c i am not a sheeshee girl kind of person. i want my little daughter to look like a nicely dressed little girl -not a giant pink meringue.
then we recalled the tiny detail that when MIL threw the shower for me in 2007 it was a coed shower. all the spouses and even some of TJ's single friends were invited. there was BBQ and everything.
so we came up with the following email together and sent it last night.
what do you think?

Hi Linda!
I was talking with TJ about the baby shower in march and we thought it would be a good idea if we did a party for the baby when TJ would be at home and able to attend. I wasn’t really planning on having any showers this time around since this is our second baby.
We thought it would be a better idea to make it a “welcome baby” party in the summer. Maybe in June or July. That way TJ will be able to come and everyone will get to see the new addition.

Love you.
Hope to talk to you soon

hopefully she isn't offended that i don't want a shower.she's not really that type -or at least she's not the type to show it.
i figure a welcome party will be easier. folks won't feel obligated to buy a gift and i won't have to go thru the hassle of finding stuff to register for since we already did the crib and bedding ourselves.that only leaves the monitor(which my mom said she'd get) and a changing pad and covers -which wouldn't cost us hardly anything.
i'll let you know if i get a response.

Monday, January 5, 2009

sneaky sister in law

i came home from target yesterday and the first thing i hear is the answering machine beeping with a new message.
first things first: it was nap time so i got teege all settled in his bed.
then i brought in my grocery bags.
i finally check the machine to hear my sister in law hollering my name over the speaker to see if i was home and then say "we're driving thru your side of town on our way home and wanted to see if you wanted to meet somewhere and eat. call me back!"

i give them a good 30 minutes before calling back, hoping they had gone on their merry way thru town.
when i do call back i find that they aren't even to austin yet and she wanted to know if wanted to meet "them" for dinner.(not surea t this point who "them" is) i told her that so long that as i wasn't later than 6 -b/c that's only as far as teege can make it without eating -i'd meet them and she should call me when they got to town.
"well were stopping to see "his" cousin(i'm assuming she means her boyfriend's cousin) and we should be in town around 4. i'll call you after while"
4pm comes and goes.
i had made an attempt to fix myself up for going out b/c i hadn't washed my hair or face all day and kind of looked like hell. so i made myself presentable. which at least made me feel better.
at 5 15 i call my sister in law back. only to get voice mail. leave her a message that i have to go ahead and feed teege b/c he's starving and to call me and let me know where to meet them.
at 6 i finally call my mother in law (they were all at a wedding this weekend but apparently weren't riding in the same car) she had already blown thru austin and hit san antonio to pick up her dogs and was almost home. i chatted with her(which is how i found about the baby shower) and then told her that the others had invited me to dinner but i couldn't' get hold of anyone and i guessed that since it was getting so late i'd just bathe teege and put him to bed. she said "that's what i would do."

sister in law finally called me at 7 49 and apologized. said she got sick at her bf's cousins house and laid down and feel asleep.
i think they all went to dinner with his family instead.
i don't care that they ditched me i just wish she would have called a little earlier and canceled. instead of flaking on me. ah but she is only 18 - or is it 19?-
i always have to remember this.

i have no guts

i don't want to have any baby showers.

i know this one is a girl. but standarad protocall -atleast in my family -was only one baby shower given for the very first baby had by each aunt,cousin,sister,etc. after that that was it. it didn't matter if the next kid was a different sex or not. one baby shower was it.

TJ's family -oh they want to throw a baby shower for everyone they know who is having a baby no matter how many kids they already have.

my neighbor is giving me all of her little girl stuff. her youngest daughter is 5 months old -that's plenty of space between our kids to allow for passing down items.
all of the baby showers i had when i was pregnant with Teege i got the same stuff over and over and over again: blankets and 0-3 month onesies. a few scattered outfits here and there for as he got older.and the the folks that were really smart bought me things like bath stuff and towels and diapers and a high chair and little sick baby care kits,etc. usefull things like diaper rash cream and vaseline and safety ear swabs(those are VERY HANDY BY THE WAY!)but mostly blankets, and onesies. and to be honest, i kind of hate onesies, atleast after they hit a certain age. after they're like 6 months old it's easier to pull a shirt on for me. do you know how much stuff i took back? i had over 400$ in store credit that i stashed away for diapers. i guess i could do that again.
and it would only be 1 shower. and there are a select few things i need. maybe i'll ask them just to give us money. that settles the hassle of returning stuff i don't like or won't use.and i can go get my own stuff. but if there's one thing i noticed about all of my showers(the 4 or 5 that i had before) last time was that hardly anyone buys anything off a registry they just get you what they think is cute.
i know. i'm guilty of it myself b/c i'm too lazy to look up someones registry most of the time.
but the items i need are the expensive ones like a multi child baby monitor system(that's a whopping 150.00. really,who would buy that??)

anyway, my mother in law told me last night that they were looking at the last weekend in march for my shower. it would be in seguine. almost 2 hrs away from me. and no one i know would come (besides my mom and my sisters and maybe my nana) b/c like i said before, no one on my side of the family agrees with hosting a shower every time someone is pregnant. which is fine with me. and i don't keep the same company i did when i was working -i've lost touch with all of those girls pretty much - and even if i hadn't, no one would drive that far.
i guess i could ask for a compramise like -why don't we have it at my house - or something like that. (oh, and i guess they didn't ask me to pick a date b/c they either thought i wouldn't or they figured since i wasn't working i just happened to be available that day.....)
the last shower they threw me was a flop anyway b/c my MIL lived out in the middle of BFE and it was a 4 hr drive and on one came, aside from the few stragglers who always attend family functions.
atleast she's closer this time.
i just didn't have the heart to tell her i wasn't planning on a shower this time around.

i kind of wish i had.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

harry & david

my mouth is watering!
it's beyond that! my taste buds are SCREAMING for more chocolate covered fruity goodness!

we went to target today. harry & david chocolate covered fruits are sold there. displayed in their fancy boxes amongst all of the other delectable chocolates. i paid 4$ for a box of chocolate covered blueberries, cherries, and strawberries.
there is a harry/david store in the mall across town. we don't go in. for 2 reasons: a)TJ doesn't think chocolate and fruit should mix and b)the stuff is very expensive.
oh but they are beyond wonderful!!
i have to find a way to hide the rest, stashed away somewhere where i will hopefully forget i put them. so that i won't devour the rest of them this very second.
i would like to have some left for later.
or tomorrow even.

ah, but don't be deceived. the box they come in is a nice size. but the bag that confines them inside the box is rather small. and berries are expensive anyway. so why i was surprised i'm not sure.
i counted:
3 strawberries (these are rather large.)
4 cherries
and about a dozen blueberries or so.

i was miffed for only the few seconds it took me to open the bag and pop the first blueberry in.
after that how much i paid and having so little to show for it did not matter.
i will do it again.


a list

yes, for those of you who don't know yet, teege started walking. i was griping at christmas b/c my cousins son is 2 months younger than teege, has twice as many teeth and toddles along like he's been walking all his short little life. 3 days later teege took his first steps.
sadly there is no video yet. it comes and goes in such short spurts still that it's not easy to capture.
here's how it happened:
TJ was sitting in his recliner watching football.
i was lazily sprawled out on the living room floor kind of playing toys, kind of sleeping, kind of watching whatever football game was on. and teege was happily cruising 'round and 'round the coffee table like he was on a mission to get somewhere.
i open one of my eyes to peek up at him and see what he was up to, and he's coming straight at me, doing this Frankenstein walk towards me -about 4 full steps -and then falls right on top of me.he won't ,however, walk when placed on his feet from being held.
he prefers to pull up on something on his own (mr. independent) and then take off. if he is already standing he will walk to someone if asked, but there are times when he just takes off -sometimes in dangerous directions like from the coffee table over to the fireplace. our hearth is the kind that is one row of bricks -that sit directly on the floor, so they make a little step. as of right now i hate them! but have no idea how to make them less dangerous. i do have a rather thick flannel body pillow that is serving as padding. til he gets steady on his feet that may have to do.

TJ left for OK yesterday evening. he stopped and had dinner with a buddy in dallas and ended up spending the night. once he got to where he was going this morning he discovers that he can't check in to his new residence until 3pm. had we known this he would have just stayed home an extra night. POO!

we still haven't decided what to do about me going up there this month. bottom line: this phase of school is the toughest. it's all class room. no field work. though there will be live fire practices -which any visiting families can attend. anyway, it's FA(field artillery) which means that almost all of the stuff he is learning is involved with calculus in one way or another. this part of OBC has the highest failure rate - and if he fails, he doesn't get to come home and go back when this part of the course repeats itself. he has to stay. finish up the course. and start over. i guess this helps guarantee one passing the 2nd time around.
which means........
he won't be home til september ,just in time for him to deploy. no coming home for the birth of our new baby girl (which i had a dream turned out to be a boy last night.WOW! i just remembered that!)
so please pray that it's not as hard as it sounds.
TJ is very smart. he's like a sponge. he has the great ability to soak up information around him and never forget it. he knows things that i don't remember anything about! i don't have a doubt that he can't make it. but he does. he really wants to pass the first time.
which is why i may not go up and visit.
my dr is fine with it. she just warned me that i would have to stop a lot more b/c of having teege with me and being pregnant. and that i'd feel very crampy and aggrivated. she said i could fly if i wanted to. it wouldn't be worth it b/c i'd have to check a play pen and a stroller and all other kinds of shit. and i just think us being there won't be worth it for many reasons. most being of the nature that even though we'd see TJ in the evenings, he will be studying like MAD! and there are several social events this phase - he had to take his CLASS A's and his DRESS BLUES - and i couldn't go as his date b/c i wouldn't have anyone to leave teege with.
he's already considering just coming home for whatever 4 day holiday he gets this month(presidents day is it?)

the crib is all put together and looking beautiful! we ordered the bedding and it should be here no later than wednesday.YAY! all the furniture in there is rearranged how it should be -the nursery is dbling as a guest room b/c we had to leave the full sized bed in there for company.
so now i just have to paint the dresser really.
after we put our lovely brand new black crib together i noticed how really bad beat up that black dresser is.
it's a very sturdy dresser. i don't think a tornado could tear the thing apart. but it is beat up b/c it is from TJ's childhood days. nothing a fresh coat of glossy paint can't fix.

and i need to get the drawer pulls that match the bedding theme. which at one point i know i saw them for sale for 20$ for a set of 2. your kidding!!i would need 2 sets! all they are are simple red butterflies. i was going to check out home depot and places like that for something similar, but then found the same drawer pulls on amazon for half. so it'll work out fine.
the dresser has 6 drawers but only the top 2 have handles. the others have a lip that curls out at the top -simply grab and pull. i may stencil something on a few of those. well see how adventurous i feel when i get to that.

oh, and the bed that is staying in that room. yeah. it needs some serious redecorating. we have a Texas comforter on it with matching sheets and a blue dust ruffle.this room was serving as TJ's room/office so it had all of his stuff from his apartment before we got married(the hall bath matches) and there are 2 things on the wall that will have to stay if i can't find a place to hang them elsewhere.but it wouldn't be the end of the world if they stayed.
i've already told TJ i'm redoing the bed. the comforter is horribly faded and old. which makes it very nice and comfy! but it has to be changed. for the sake of it being a little girls room i just have the horrible urge for EVERYTHING TO MATCH!
i have a down comforter in the closet with a cream colored duvet on it that will fit that bed. i'm thinking i'll use that and pair it with some red throw pillows and a new red dust ruffel. red that matches the crib of course.once the bedding comes i'm headed to target with the crib sheet stuffed in my purse so i can match fabric colors.and throw pillows and a new dust ruffle won't cost that much.i don't have expensive taste. i was going to buy new sheets too, then decided that was plain silly b/c we have plenty of spare sets of sheets and they'll be covered up anyway so who cares if they match.
TJ was teasing me about having $ signs in my eyes the other day when i was planning all this b/c his pay raise is finally taking affect either this pay period or the next - and it's a rather healthy change in his paycheck. plus all the back pay from sept. that we've been waiting on(it took them almost 5 months to change his orders and his rank status.which i though was redicilous.
some of that money can afford to be spent. it's not like i've been waiting to purchase a 4o0$ pair of shoes - it's going towards the new baby! i bet i can manage to dress up the new bed AND fix up the dresser for 100$. less than that hopefully. much less than that.
and then of course we still have to pay off the stupid carpet we had put in.
and after that, we plan on living off of what he was normally bringing home before all these changes were made, and saving half of his raise, and putting the other half on the stupid charged up credit card we have.

oh, one more thing:
i'm on my amazon tirade again. and i know that ya'll probably don't really care about this, but having a stinky diaper pail stinking up the house no matter how much bleach you pour in it is terrible!i had to have a new one -especially since i'll have 2 kids in diapers before long anyway.
i had decided to invest in a new diaper genie. the one we had was my sister in laws- she used it on 2 kids- and it was the very first model ever made - so it was old. and stinky. very stinky!
we've been using it for over a year(which means it had been serving it's purpose for at least 7 years, and serving it well) when one day i just couldn't get the stink out. teege's room smelled of dirty diapers all the time! i bleached and bleached the diaper pail!i put it in other parts of the house and it just stunk to high heaven! it had those special bags that were supposed to hold the scent in and once placed in the pail you twisted the lid and the bag sealed itself off.
i checked amazon first b/c though i have had my moments where i have choked on how much more they were selling an item for than another place i have still found mostly good deals in my amazon shopping days.
the highest end model of the diaper genie - the one that is hands free and has stuff built in to the plastic to help trap odors -they had it on amazon for 100$.
"well i guess i just won't buy one. we'll just start carrying all the diapers out to the dumpster at the end of the day."
the following day i was at walmart.i decided to check and see how much they carried it for. and i bought the same model diaper genie for 40$. and target had it for the same price.
that's a 60$ difference plus shipping. i just couldn't get over it!
and now my house smells happily like, well, house now. instead of poo.
Yay for me!